Follow Your Dreams

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This year is one where you will have the chance to ask yourself the question; Am I working towards what I want to achieve?

Dreams can most certainly come true if only you have the asset of belief,

You have to believe your dream will come true and prevent yourself from falling in the hole of defeat,

Along the road you may find stress, worries, and hardship so when that happens get back on your feet,

Time is of the essence and it is your most valuable asset yes indeed,

Use it to your advantage or it will surely cut you like a sword preventing you from doing good a deed,

So now take time to reflect upon what is that you really really want,

What is that thing at the deep down bottom of your heart that you have been craving forever since it is from the womb you came out,

What is in that burning desire to see your dreams become a reality manifested right before your eyes?

Will it become true? Or will it be just a meaningless idea that dies?

You decide.

Let your creative juices flow and ponder upon how you can be the change you want to see,

Ask yourself what is it that you sincerely want to be,

Better sooner than later because if you wait then it will surely be too late,

You’ll be filled with a sea of regret and a feeling that you didn’t do what you needed to do to achieve what you wanted but wait,

There’s still today and tomorrow, if Allah wills, insha’Allah khair, you’ll have another chance,

An opportunity to work towards your dream with no regrets and an amazing feeling that will make you want to get up and dance,

If you don’t make anything of your dreams the opportunity to achieve them will slip,

You’ll fall down and become amongst those people whose dreams they’ve never worked towards, their lives went by like a video clip,

This is okay, but is it really worth not spending your life towards following your dream?

So write it down, take the small steps towards it, this will boost your self-esteem,

Put the vision of your dreams in front of you every day and don’t let them hide,

Do dreams really come true?

You decide.

Dream big and you can be the best version of you in the land,

If you make your dreams come true, don’t ever forget to give others a helping hand.

Shonnan Usman is a 2018 graduate of Syracuse University where he completed his B.S. He is an Indonesian American based out of Rochester, NY. Currently, he serves as Area Manager of the Upstate NY region- where he raises funds for Helping Hand USA and its global relief efforts. Follow him @Shonnan23 on Instagram.


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