International Day of Literacy

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Literacy: Enriched and Transformed

Life as we knew it was completely changed by the pandemic—our routines, the way we work…the way we learn. We thought we were using technology to its fullest, until COVID pushed us to test the limits, and we quickly learned that as long as we have the internet, not only can work and education go on as usual, it can be done more efficiently—even if the world shuts down.

As schools and companies saw what was possible with online education, a shift in resources took place to meet the demands of this changing system. Online learning brought with it ease in terms of both time and money, not to mention its far-reaching potential.

But we were forgetting one thing. While technology use in education shifted into overdrive in many parts of the world, those who didn’t have access to education itself, much less technology, were left even further behind. In fact, 40% of the world’s population has no access to online learning, and this disparity in opportunity has affected literacy levels around the world. 773 million adults and 393 million children are unable to read or write—that’s over 1 billion people globally.

This year’s International Literacy Day theme, Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces, reminds us to ensure “quality, equitable, and inclusive education for all.” As we moved forward with our learning at lightning speed over the past two years, and continue to do so, we must remember those who were already behind.

HHRD has provided equal access to quality education to 350,000 children. Our Education Support Program and Mobile Learning Centers provide the resources & space needed to ensure those with little or no access to education have an opportunity to learn with dignity and make progress. With over 1 billion people unable to read or write, their progress means progress for everyone.   

To transform literacy and make education accessible to all, donate at: hhrd.org/ESP


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