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Be Ramadan Ready in Sha’baan

04 Mar, 2022 | 0 Comments | Return|

As we enter the month of Sha’ban, Muslims around the world are in preparation for welcoming the blessed month of Ramadan. Part of these preparations includes making up missed fasts, paying Fidya or Kaffara, and ridding oneself of bad habits. The pandemic has been a solemn reminder that life is not only fleeting but also unpredictable. Family, friends, or acquaintances who were with us last Ramadan are no longer with us this year. However, what is ever-present is the reminder that time is limited and should be used wisely.


Part of the blessings of the month, weeks, and days leading up to Ramadan, are the opportunities to instill better habits. Doing so allows us to reap the sweetness of Ramadan. Comparable to the super bowl of worship, Ramadan is a month that needs to be taken advantage of. One way to do so is by ensuring that not a moment goes by without giving charity to a worthy cause. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (PBUH), said, “Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving alms and charity till your last breath.” (Bukhari and Muslim). Realizing that we are not guaranteed tomorrow should encourage a sense of urgency.  This urgency should lead to righteous actions at every given opportunity.


This Ramadan, Helping Hand USA invites you to invest in your Akhira (Hereafter) while investing in the lives of those in need. Here are 11 programs and projects that require immediate action to help save a life.


  1. Zakat: Zakat allows us to appreciate what we have by sharing with others in need. Zakat given to Helping Hand USA is distributed to those who need it most, in accordance with Islamic guidelines.
  2. Sadaqah: Monetary support stemming from compassion, love, and generosity, is considered sadaqah. We are honored to be your representative to help countless people across the globe.
  3. Orphan Support: This comprehensive child development program provides a stable socio-economic environment for registered beneficiaries to ensure they grow up to be productive members of society.
  4. Education Support: The pandemic has kept 77 million children out of school. School closures posed further barriers to remote learning for migrating and displaced children. HHRD focuses on ensuring they have equal access to quality education.
  5. Children with Disabilities: We recognize the immense discrimination and social marginalization that these special children face. With communities sidelining these precious lives we must do our part to ensure they are given a fair chance.
  6. Skills Development and Livelihood: We aim at imparting training to those in need, allowing them to stand on their own feet, and become financially stable. Skills training opens the doors to opportunities that can change the trajectory of their lives.
  7. Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation: Our Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation Complex in Mansehra, Pakistan has helped countless people receive a variety of treatments to strengthen their bodies and reduce pain to prevent future injury. Help heal a person in need.
  8. Health Care and Nutrition: We treat patients at our Mother-Child Care Centers, provide free cataract eye surgeries, facilitate medical assistance through ambulance services and mobile medical units, and distribute Covid-19 relief in rural areas. Give the gift of health.
  9. Refugee Relief: Civil unrest, natural disasters, economic decline, and the pandemic have led to the mass exodus of refugees across the globe. Helps us provide Iraqi, Palestinian, Rohingya, Syrian, Yemeni, and other refugee populations with a wide variety of programs and projects in their time of dire need.
  10. Afghanistan Relief: Afghanistan faces one of the world’s most complex and prolonged humanitarian emergencies. Your support will help mobilize our efforts to provide immediate assistance to those in need.
  11. Global Ramadan Food: Ensure no one goes hungry at iftar. Feed two families for 15 days with your $100 donation.

Make this Ramadan special for yourself and someone else across the globe. When you give from what you have, you are bringing hope into the life of someone who needs it most. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan!


Sana Khan is the Senior Marketing Manager at Helping Hand USA. She enjoys establishing Ramadan traditions for her family which includes creating sadaqah jars to let her children experience the beauty of helping others.



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